Prime Car Alarm controlssometimes it hard to find the right remote control. Prime car alarm controls are used when the original remote is lost, it's no longer in good condition, it's broken or you just need another control. The new control is added to the car alarm just like an original remote control (using the "Valet" button. using instructions).

The control can be used with A.P.S. 2300, alarm, A.P.S. 3000 remote control console, Alligator D-810/ L330/ M-550/ NS/ S-275/ S-750 RS/, Cenmax A-900/ Vigilant V-5A/ V-7, Guard RF-311A, Harpoon BS 2000, Jaguar JX-1000/ EZ-Beta, KGB FX-1/ FX-5, Leopard LS 50-10, Mongoose 800C/ 7000 RF, Pantera CL-500/ CLK-355/ SLK-2i/ XS-1500/ XS-2600/ SLR-5100, Partisan RX-1, Sheriff APS 2400/ APS-25 PRO/ APS-35 PRO/ ZX-600/ ZX-925, StarLine A4/ A6/ A9/ B9/ Moto, Tomahawk 9010/ 9030/ Z5. and other remote control modules.

Prime Car Copy car alarm control Prime Car Copy controls can replace your current old control, no registration/programming is required. It can become an additional independent control (you will need to register it at receiver).
Compatibility sheet is here.

auto car alarm control

Auto Car Alarm control Nr. 1
1 pcs. - 30 eur.

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